The best of pals and co-owners of Two Way Dog Walking

The best of pals and co-owners of Two Way Dog Walking

Meet the Owners

We are pleased that you took the time to consider if Two Way Dog Walking could be a friend to your furbaby. We have been friends since 2008 and always had a common bond for animals. We both even worked for the same dog walking company prior to owning our own. It just makes sense for two great friends that shared the same love and adoration for animals to venture into a pet servicing business together and that is pricisely what we did!

About Linda

I was a proud dog owner of a Shih Tzu named WeiWei. She was given to me when she was roughly 8 years old and I had 8 amazing years with her. Every time I had to leave her, she would patiently wait by the door for me. My friends and family would always share that she would just stay by the door and every little turn of the knob she would wag her tail and get excited expecting me. The thought of her just waiting for my return really got to me. Is this what she does all day long? I would go nuts! 

Then the saddest day of my life took place in September 26, 2012 when my little angel left me. I was working for a university for over 6 years as an Enrollment Manager and as soon as I turned 30, I knew that my placement in this world needed to be around dogs so I one day I decided it was time quit my job.  She was the greatest little friend I could have asked for and not a day goes by with me wishing I gave her more time to be outdoors and around more of her pals and less time waiting around for me. Because of this, it pushed my will even harder to open my own pet care business so I can at least give other dogs what I can no longer give my WeiWei. 

Since owning Two Way I did rescue another great boy named Zippy Khoy. Sadly he passed away 4/23/2021. I still haven't accepted it yet, which is why I am adding it on our website now to see if it'll be easier to talk about. Though I was use to losing a pup once, it hurts just as hard. But the difference with Zippy's life was that I was able to give him a life where he literally had me 24 hours of the day and be around his pals all the time. He came with me to the office, met all of our new pups and clients when we had meetings, he even interviewed the staff! He was what everyone called my little shadow. I miss his pitter patters and I miss looking down and not seeing him by my feet. But I am so thankful for our time together and all the shared moments and kisses -- and boy was he everyone's best friend. 


About Melissa

I have always had a love for animals. I was raised on a 55 acre farm in Sanger, Texas growing up with many different animals and had about every kind of dog you could imagine. We have had many dogs in our family from Grand Piranesi, to Treeing Walkers, to Great Danes, labs, dalmations, and BD our blessed German Shephard. I recently returned from Costa Rica where I lived for three years and worked for PAWS; an organization that rescued and neutered stray dogs. There was nothing more rewarding than rescuing skinny and poor street dogs. Giving them food, shelter, medication if needed and of course love. Watching them open up into caring trustworthy animals was so priceless!  I met up with Linda when I moved here from Costa and she got me my first dog walking job.

Like her, I learned the ropes in the beginning by working for a dog walking company out of DC , It did not take long for both of us to move on to create our own business and then it became clear that we should merge and allow our expertise to provide the most love in town.

We understand that animals in many cases are like children. They each are unique and have their own special needs; from administering medicine, to special potty needs. We provide a write up to the owner for each walk and ensure that the clients feel loved and supported.


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